Married Women Seeking Affairs – But Not With Men

Women Seeking Affairs

Guys who accidentally come upon this post will be upset. Men, especially married ones, believe that their best shot for an affair is with another married woman. Thing is, most women who are looking for affairs will be the ones searching for it. What I’ve found incredibly interesting in the lesbian space are straight married women looking for affairs, but not with men. These strong minded, strong willed, attractive women are seeking an emotional and sometimes physical connection with other women. If you think about it logically, it’s not so far fetched. Who else truly understands what women go to at an emotional level other than women? Now, if both women are new moms, that brings the emotional acuity to a whole new level. This emotional attachment fills a void that a husband simply can not form. Add in that sex in virtually every marriage goes down to zero at some point, that physical component needs to be filled as well – not only for guys either.

The term discreet lesbians is really something mainstream media can understand. When it comes to the realities of being a working mom, caring for kids, her husband, sometimes we just need a like minded counterpart. Finding a woman in a similar situation allows us to discuss the mental and physical grind of our day. What might start out as an instant bond with women on the same wavelength, at times leads to more. The tricky part is segwaying from emotional connection to the friendly one.

The best tip I have is to discuss some gossip surrounding swinging. The topic could go into a 101 different directions, but the mere topic can make the conversation linger in each others heads long after speaking. After some time passes, you make sure to never bring up any sex topic again until she does. When she does, she which one she does. Be a sounding board and engage in the conversation. Now the tough part.

After some time passes, it’s now your turn to return the favor. Joking while drinking is my favorite.  The good ol “I experimented in college with a close friend and lets just say it wasn’t for me”, will elicit some sort of reaction. She might be inquisitive and want to learn more, or might simply be in shock and not say a word. The latter tends to mean it’s either too much of a taboo topic for, or she’s simply not comfortable to engage in the topic. As time passes you’ll see where things go.

Or, you can simply join affair sites such as Ashley Madison. The site caters to all sorts of discreet relationships.

Married Women Seeking Affairs - But Not With Men
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Married Women Seeking Affairs - But Not With Men
Women have a ton on their plate, which is why finding that emotional & sometimes physical connection can only happen with other women. Lets take a deeper look.
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