Bored Housewives Turning to New Moms

Bored Housewives

There are various degrees of boredom. One main group of them are bored housewives. Chances are these women are not working and their kids are old enough where they don’t need their moms around them. Some of these bored housewives will take on some form of exercise and shopping. At some point, these housewives are so bored that they look for an outlet. The misconception is these married women are seeking to have an affair with a man, one in which that will value that physically. While this is the case in many cases, it’s beyond that now. Many times, these bored housewives are looking for all types of stimulation – mental an physical. Enter in new moms

If you’re a new mom, ¬†you’re plate is full. You’re juggling your life as being a mom and some aspect of a career. Most of these moms unfortunately aren’t up-keeping themselves as they use to. Nails use to be done 2x a month, now you’re lucky if its once every two months. New moms use to get their hair done once a month. Now, they trim their hair themselves and maybe will get their hair down every 3-4 months.

Thing is, these new moms are amazing. These women aren’t lazy, they just juggle way too much. When these women meet a bored housewife, there’s a sense of experience that both women can share. This common ground can not be replicated . As a result, a bond is formed that is very unique.

While the initial common ground is the emotional side, I’m seeing more and more instances where a physical connection is formed. It might be a one time thing, perhaps on going in some cases. Thing is, the release that occurs is exactly what both sets of women needed. This has nothing to do with their husbands (in most cases), it’s a matter of finding someone that can meet your mental and physical needs.

As a result, the growth of discreet lesbians is an interesting one. It’s one where women seeking women looking for a connection on the emotional and physical side meets the need amazingly.

Bored Housewives Turning to New Moms
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Bored Housewives Turning to New Moms
Whether you're a bored house wife or a new mom, you'll find that turning to each other forms an emotional and physical connection unlike no other.
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