High Growth W4W Sugar Sisters & Affairs

More Women are Being Curious

There has been this growing sub community in the affair & sugar world. For those of you interested in the sugar bowl, i.e. those seeking sugar daddies / sugar babies / sugar mommas, you have this growing community of sugar sisters. In a sense, its a growing number of women looking to connect with women in the sugar bowl. The term sugar sisters allows women new and old to the sugar world to connect in a way without the drama. Essentially, it provides an outlet for women (single and married) to discuss all aspects of the sugar world in a very discreet way. A growing percentage of these women are forming friendships that is so discreet that it’s not spoken about with their closest friends. Some go the intimate route, but most provide that outlet that women can’t find through their friends or lovers

Another high growth sub community are married women looking to discuss what’s missing in their life with other like minded women. Some are coined the term lesbians, but many are simply looking for an emotional and sexual outlet that does NOT involve men. Part exploration, but finding that ultimate connection that allows the emotional & sexual connection is key.

I’ve always believed these two sub communities are ones that the media will never cover. The media doesn’t understand ┬áthe sugar bowl and they certainly don’t understand affairs – other than the headlines that are full of eyeballs and page views. When it comes down to it, understanding the female point of view is lost. Sure, you’ll see interviews of women in the midst of an affair (whether they are cheating or being cheated on), but you’ll never see a story where a married woman is having some sort of affair / connection with a woman outside of the marriage.

I’m seeing this first hand in real life through close and distant friends, in one way shape or form. So I know it exists & experimented myself. There’s just something about the topic that is incredibly taboo for the public to discuss. Instead of trying to fight it, I’m ok with this topic being close knit. If anything, it makes me want to work harder to build a community of women that are looking for these sort of encounters. It doesn’t need to be this mainstream / trendy topic that gets the attention of Buzzfeed. At the end of the day, it needs to be a private community of women that want to engage with similar like minded women.

High Growth W4W Sugar Sisters & Affairs
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High Growth W4W Sugar Sisters & Affairs
Women seeking sugar sisters and affairs with like minded women are on the rise, but finding these communities can be tough.
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